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Ok sissy-pants, you know the score. You're a two-bit panty slut and I'm the girl you wish you could be,
or have. You want to look in the mirror and see as stunningly beautiful of a creature as you see in me.
Well, we can all dream, can't we?

You'll never reach my level of beauty, but we can strive to get you as close as is humanly possible. Learning something worth knowing never comes easily so be prepared to get down to the nitty-gritty.

We will have to rebuild you from the ground up.

You'll need to learn what to wear and how to wear it. That means the shoes on your feet, the stockings on your far-too-hairy-man-legs; trading your dress slacks for a mini skirt and your suit shirt for a silky blouse. Of course, your five o'clock shadow will have to go and you'll have to be taught how to properly apply just the right amount of make up to advertise you as the lady you dream of being. I'll have to teach you proper elocution too. Don't know what that means? Look it up, that can be your first lesson.

Since I tailor my sissy training to each individual case, you'll need to come
prepared to tell me about past training, the outfits you have, etc.

If you take well to training and we achieve a true transformation, there will be a very sweet reward in it for you. And really, isn't that what this is all about? Call me so your personalized Peyton lessons can begin.

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and call me at 866-790-5242:

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Cuckold Goddess Peyton    Peyton is Demanding    Peyton's Gorgeous Breasts    Peyton Wants You To Beg    Smoking Hot Peyton    Kiss Peyton's Perfect Ass

For those of you who are a well practiced submissive with darker desires you know
what to ask for and do not need to have your fetishes spelled out here for you.

However if you are new to the lifestyle and are uncertain about your particular kink,
here is a list of some of the milder fetishes you may want to consider:

Cuckolding / Role playing

Sissy play / Forced feminization / Panty boy training

Cock control / Orgasm control / Masturbation control

Humiliation / Degradation / Sissification

Foot fetish / Body worship / Pussy worship

Infantilism / Adult baby / Medical fantasy

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