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Be a good little cuck and sit on the couch. You are only permitted to use your phone when your wife calls. Do not touch your puny dick until you are allowed, regardless of what you see or hear. Your once innocent wife and I are going to go upstairs and I'm going to give her the big cock she's missing in her life.

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All you can do is sit there in your pathetic cock cage and listen to your beautiful bride cum over and over on another man's cock, cumming louder than you've ever made her cum. After I use and abuse your dirty slut cuckoldress wife, and blow my massive load so deep inside her she will feel it shoot up her spine, just maybe you've been a good enough boy to be allowed the chance to worship her cream pie with your tongue and clean all my cum dripping from her.

If you want the key to your cage, you're going to have to call me personally to get it.
But you will have to work for it.

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and call me at 1-866-790-5242:

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For those of you who are a well practiced submissive with darker desires you know
what to ask for and do not need to have your fetishes spelle out here for you.

However if you are new to the lifestyle and are uncertain about your particular kink,
here is a list of some of the milder fetishes you may want to consider:

Obediant Submissive / Role playing

Sissy play / Forced feminization / Panty boy training

Cock control / Orgasm control / Controlled Masturbation

Humiliation / CBT(Cock and ball teasing)

Orgasm Edging / Gooning

Infantilism / Adult baby

Financial Submission

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